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The English-language publication EUWID Recycling and Waste Management is an indispensable source of information for the international waste management and secondary raw materials sector – made by insiders for insiders. Up to date, compact, and independent.
Published fortnightly, EUWID Recycling and Waste Management gives you a concise overview of the latest market news and information, with a focus on Germany and the key European markets.

We offer you

  • Current market reports researched by the EUWID editorial staff and analysis of all important material streams and waste management services:
    • recovered paper
    • waste plastics
    • waste wood
    • steel scrap
    • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
    • waste incineration
  • Legislation in Europe. The EUWID editorial staff follows legislative projects from an early stage and reports on the entire process – from initial drafts to the entry into force.
  • International news, reports on internationally active companies, the positions held by European associations and developments in EU member states and worldwide.

Advantages for you

  • You get a comprehensive picture of the market environment and prices for all important waste management and secondary raw material markets.
  • All data and prices are independently researched by the EUWID editorial staff.
  • You stay well informed about companies and trends in your industry.

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EUWID markets and price trends, mobile tablet


Objectively sourced current market prices for secondary raw materials and waste management services. Relevant market data is compiled at regular intervals and presented as price tables, charts and market reports. Data is collected for the following markets:

  • Waste plastics Germany
  • Recovered paper (Germany, Italy, France, UK and Poland)
  • Far East export prices of German recovered paper
  • Post-consumer PET bottle market in Germany
  • Engineering plastics (primary plastics)
  • Commodity plastics Germany (primary plastics)
  • PET Germany (primary plastics)
  • HWWI Index of World Market Prices of Commodities
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) Germany
  • Wholesale buying prices for scrap metal
  • Steel scrap Germany
  • European Ferrous Scrap Price Indices (until December 2015)
  • Waste wood and sawmill residues
  • Wood chips
  • Incineration and MBT Germany
  • Scrap materials
  • Waste textiles Germany
  • Non-ferrous scrap metals Germany


The news archive contains all articles published since 1994 and is an excellent resource for quick and professional research.

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