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EUWID Neue Energie is a German-language publication providing an overview of the emerging trends and new business models as Germany transitions to a renewables-based energy policy (“Energiewende”). Each week, EUWID Neue Energie presents a concise overview of the information necessary to understand this process of transformation in the energy market.

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We offer you

  • Political and economic framework conditions for the expansion of new and renewable energy, as well as specific market developments, particularly in the areas of bioenergy, wind and solar.
  • Energy efficiency and lowering of energy-related costs as well as trends, new offerings and technologies on the markets for energy services, smart metering and smart grids, energy management and building refurbishment.
  • New business models at the interface of energy supply and energy demand (e.g. energy storage, demand management, balancing energy and electromobility)
  • Market and price reports (e.g. EUWID price reports for pellets, wood chips, sawmill residues and waste wood, as well as analysis of price signals and trends in the markets for electricity, natural gas, heating oil and district heating).


EUWID Neue Energie is aimed at readers with a professional interest in following the developments in the sector. The publication analyses the flood of daily news to discern trends, filter out the important information and provide background analysis.

Advantages for you

  • All facts and figures are independently researched.
  • Around 5,000 news stories published each year, which give you an overview of developments and key trends in the sector. The information is presented in such a way as to minimise your time and effort searching for information.

With a premium subscription, you can access the entire service portfolio of EUWID Neue Energie:

Print edition

50 issues per year containing carefully researched coverage of the latest news shaping the industry.


The digital edition of EUWID Neue Energie with a page-flipping function and easy-to-use search tools.


Objectively sourced current market prices for biomass and traditional forms of energy. Relevant market data is compiled at regular intervals and presented as price watches, charts and market reports. Data is collected on the following markets:

  • Pellets
  • Wood chips
  • Waste wood
  • Sawmilling residues
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Natural gas
  • Fuel oil


The complete news archive contains all editorial content published in EUWID Neue Energie since 2008. An excellent resource for quick and professional research.

Premium news

The latest exclusive news and background reports about the most recent developments in the industry – accessible around the clock, from work, home or on the go.

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